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2018 Annual Report


Targeting 2019 Year 10 Students

There are now 253 Year 10 students in Israel, who have all been given a $5,000 voucher by Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) to help cover the costs of their five-week or longer program.  This means now more than one-thousand students with at least one Jewish parent, have received this gift.  Meanwhile, recruitment for the 2019 Year 10 group is now well underway.

Jeremy Dunkel is the Board Chair of Y2i, and he says, “The success of Y2i is not measured just by the number of vouchers we have given, but by the impact, these programs have on the individual and ultimately the local Jewish community.  We have just released our Annual Report where we feature some former participants talking about the positive long-term impact a program has had  on them.”


Establishing Tomorrow Now

“There is no doubt there has been a momentum shift in the last couple of years, especially for students not at a Jewish school, with more students from further afield coming along to information nights and choosing to join a program.  Schools, where there might be only one or two students who have a Jewish parent, are hearing about the opportunity and becoming involved in learning about their heritage and Israel,” says Jeremy.

Rachel Swartz is Y2i’s Manager, and she says, “What many people may not also realise is, Y2i does not simply just give away the voucher.  We require all programs to have a focus before and after the program on education and community involvement.”

One program graduate is Raelle Frankel, who has just taken up a part-time role with Y2i and is joining the current group in Israel.  Raelle is among the many students who did not attend a Jewish Day School, who participated in the BJE Year 10  Israel program.

Another essential element for Y2i is the Community Day they arrange while the students are in Israel, with the support of UIA and JNF.  Rachel says, “Students from across the all the Year 10 Israel programs join together for a shared day experience.  Friendships form as those from Jewish Day Schools, and those from other Public and Private schools mix for various fun social activities.”

One of the other popular Y2i initiatives is The Photography Project.  Students are encouraged to capture their experiences in Israel. Along with the photo submission students need to identify the image and write up to 100 words about the moment they have captured.  There are three prizes awarded of substantial vouchers towards another Israel program after they finish school.

Y2i is encouraging next year’s group of Year 10 students to register now for the voucher especially if they don’t attend a Jewish schoolRachel says, “We know people plan other holidays 12 months in advance, so we want everyone to think about an Israel program for their child first.  There is no commitment involved; it just ensures we get information to families about upcoming information nights and program options.  If either parent is Jewish you will receive a voucher.”

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More information

Youth 2 Israel is active on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram where we have released exclusive videos.  Keep an eye on both pages for the latest from the all the programs currently in Israel.  Jeremy adds, “we hope it will also inspire the next group to participate.”

You can read more information about the achievements of the past year and what is planned moving forward in the 2018 Annual Report.

“We want to increase even further the number of participants from the 2019 Year 10’s,” says Jeremy.

Encourage people you know to register their children, to be kept informed about future programs and to ensure they are aware they can access the $5,000 vouchers.

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