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Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) grants $5,000 vouchers to Year 10 students from NSW / ACT / QLD with at least one Jewish parent, to make participation in an approved Israel-based educational programs, affordable. These Israel experiences of five weeks duration or longer are a life-changing journey of Jewish identity. Y2i is fostering the continuity of our local Jewish community.

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Inspiring generations of young people with an understanding of their Jewish heritage, a love for Israel and an enthusiasm to participate in their Jewish community.




Enabling the maximum number of Year 10 students, each year, to go on a transformational Israel educational program, funded in perpetuity.



  • Jewish heritage
  • Jewish identity
  • Jewish continuity
  • Jewish communal involvement
  • Love of Israel
  • Education and personal growth

Our People



Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) is managed by a Board of Directors with extensive communal backgrounds.  Their role is to oversee the operations of Y2i, helping to make $5,000 Israel experience vouchers available to any Year 10 student in NSW / ACT / QLD with a Jewish parent.

Jeremy Dunkel (Chair)

Jeremy Dunkel (Chair)

“Y2i is a game-changing initiative to inspire teenagers to connect with their Jewish heritage in Israel, and each other. The rebirth of Israel, and its thriving against all adversity represents a modern-day miracle that I hope thousands of Jewish teens will be able to experience firsthand.”

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Peter Philippsohn, OAM

Peter Philippsohn, OAM

“I believe we need to find additional avenues of engagement and involvement for young Jews living in Australia. Research worldwide, shows that a significant Israel experience as a teenager, is a determining factor in ensuring Jewish continuity. Y2i helps by bringing that experience into the reach of every Jewish child. In the years to come, many benefits will accrue to our whole community.”

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Darren Chait

Darren Chait

“I see Y2i as an incredibly innovative approach to Jewish engagement amongst our future leaders. It’s an opportunity to invest in both Israel and the future of our thriving community.”

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Ariane Fuchs

Ariane Fuchs

“As a mother of younger children, I am excited with the prospect of my kids experiencing their ‘Rite of Passage’ offered to all Jewish Year 10 students across NSW. By the time my kids are old enough, Y2i would have enabled scores of teenagers to travel to Israel, ensuring their connection with Israel, the Israeli people and being proud young Jews within our thriving community here in Sydney.”

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Yair Miller, OAM

Yair Miller, OAM

“Y2i will cause a revolution in how Jewish identity and connection to Israel is perceived on a communal level. The impact on each student who participates will be transformative and add another building block in the never ending struggle to ensure Jewish connectedness. By ensuring every Jewish child is able to participate in an Israel program, we will do our part to ensure Jewish continuity.”

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Les Szekely

Les Szekely

“I studied at the “Machon” in Jerusalem and was Mazkir of Habonim Sydney. This was back when Israel lived under existential threat and before day schools became the norm. Thus, from my own experience, as well as from watching the character formation of my kids, I know the crucial impact of spending time in Israel at the right age and on the right program. With the holocaust receding into history and religion appealing to only a limited section of our community I am passionate about the need for programs, such as those sponsored by Y2i, as a key force in forming Jewish identity.”

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Dr. Ron Weiser, AM

Dr. Ron Weiser, AM

“These experiential learning opportunities have a transformational effect on Jewish continuity, particularly when participant numbers reach a critical mass. We have a trendsetting leadership opportunity in our community to turn successful pilot programs into a mass participation Year 10 Israel experience that will become a standard part of every Jewish child’s education, regardless of means.”

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Donor Representatives



Y2i has a group of donor representatives from our five major Jewish communal partner organisations.  Together they reflect the interests of the Jewish community and highlight the broad support from local and Israel focused organisations for the endowment appeal.



Raelle Freinkel

Raelle Freinkel

“My experiences in Israel have made my Jewish and Zionistic identity concrete, which is somewhat difficult when you are not closely involved in the Jewish community. Due to this personal experience, I am completely invested in making sure as many Jewish students get to experience Israel and create their own Jewish identity. It is vital for the continuity of the Jewish community at home as well as the continuity of the Jewish story.”

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Rachel Swartz

Rachel Swartz

“Israel has always played a pivotal role in shaping my Jewish Identity. I was an active member of Habonim Dror and participated in their 12 month shnat program after school. My emotional connection and love for Israel grew through my time spent there. Y2i will shape a stronger and more committed community, as we enrich the Jewish and Zionistic lives of our young people. With two young children of my own, I can’t wait for them to experience Israel, and continue their journey of Jewish connections.”

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Y2i is making an impact on Jewish continuity. Read the 2018 Annual Report


Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee is coordinating the 2015 Y2i Endowment Appeal campaign with the objective of raising the targeted Y2i corpus of funds through engaging with donors.


Audit and Compliance committee

The Audit and Compliance committee is responsible for Y2i’s corporate governance, the legal interface with partners and other organisations as well as the guidelines for the application submission and review process.

In terms of ongoing process and responsibilities the sub-committee sets the terms and conditions for receipt of funds and ensures an audit process is in place to review the ongoing tax eligibility of funded programs. They also approve the admittance and eligibility review of new program providers.


Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee ensures that Y2i is strategically positioned in the community, engaging participants, parents, donors and key stakeholders.

Members of the committee include:

Youth 2 Israel

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