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A message from the Appeal Chairman

Although relatively small numbers of Jewish teens have participated in Year 10 Israel programs for many years, the programs have been financially out of reach for the overwhelming majority. However, through the creation of Y2i – Youth 2 Israel – an opportunity now exists for our community to send many hundreds of Jewish teens to Israel, ensuring Jewish continuity and a love for a country that many consider our second home. It is the purpose of this year’s Endowment Appeal to make this dream a concrete reality.

Embarking on an endowment appeal of this magnitude – to ultimately raise the equivalent of $37.5 million to enable us to give each student wanting to go on a Year 10 Israel Experience a $5,000 voucher – is no easy task. We will engage with donors, with like-minded vision to ensure that the next generation is committed and connected to Israel and our local community.  In phase 1 of the appeal, we have set a target of $15 million.

Read our 2016 Annual Report for the latest information.

Many years of experience and research throughout the Diaspora have highlighted the importance of an extended trip at this pivotal point in a young adult’s life. With your partnership, we can together, build Y2i as a flagship experience for our children. We look forward to your support and thank you in advance.

Jeremy Dunkel Appeal Chairman

Phase 1 Goal

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What is Y2i?

Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) funds programs for Yr 10 participants on a life-changing journey of Jewish identity, building continuity in the community.

Through the creation of an independent communal endowment fund, Y2i ensures this initiative gives every Jewish student an opportunity to participate in aYear 10 Israel program.

Traditionally September-October is set aside every year for a JCA backed communal wide capital appeal. In 2015, this was used  for the Y2i endowment appeal.

Who is supporting Y2i?


Y2i is partnered with:



“I strongly support the priority your community is placing on enabling every youth the opportunity to participate in a transformative experience in Israel in the critical teen identity building years.”

Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency. (view his letter)

“All Jewish organisations, be they local or Israel focussed, recognise that without engendering a love for Judaism and Israel in our teenagers, we will not have a community in the future.”

Why a Year 10 Israel program?

In 2013 an extensive report was released by JCA Planning that documented key experiences and areas of inspiration to propagate Jewish identity and continuity.

A key focus of the findings was the impact of a Year 10 Israel experience. The experience however had guidelines around timing and programming. A minimum four-week program including educational, cultural and spiritual elements was recommended to create a comprehensive Israel journey.

In addition, timing was considered crucial as this age demographic develop towards young adulthood.

Year 10 Israel programs are unique in that they simultaneously support a love for Israel whilst developing a sense of Jewish community locally.

What about after the trip?

Each program extends opportunities for students to further increase their knowledge and involvement in the local Jewish community.  In addition, Y2i has established a Youth Leadership Board, made up of past participants, whose role it is to bring together the past and potential future participants.  They arrange cross-communal activities, recognising the importance of bringing together students from all schools, as Y2i does on its annual Community Day held in Israel during the program.

“I believe we need to find additional avenues of engagement and involvement with research worldwide, proving that a significant Israel experience as a teenager, is a determining factor in ensuring Jewish continuity. Y2i will help bring that experience into the reach of every Jewish child. The benefits will accrue to our whole community in the years to come.”

Peter Philippsohn, Y2i Board.

Israel experiences to date – growth of pilot programs

There are almost 500 Jewish children born every year in NSW, QLD and ACT. Today, only 50% of these attend Jewish day schools for their high school education.

In 2013, 91 Moriah and Masada Year 10 students went on IST (Israel Study Tour), a 5-6 week program in Israel. The NSW Board of Jewish Education sent 25 students from non-Jewish day schools on Emet Israel.

In 2014, to test the assumption that cost is a significant barrier to greater adoption, a donor family committed to making $500,000 available through Y2i to provide 100 non-means tested vouchers of $5,000 for any prospective applicant. The vouchers were distributed in proportion to that cohort’s representation in the community. i.e. 50% of the vouchers were for students from outside the Jewish day school system. This resulted in 170 children joining programs in December 2014, 50% more than the preceding year. The most dramatic increase was from Emanuel School which sent its first group ever of 27 students.

In 2015, penetration rates in the Jewish Day Schools are at almost 80% and in the non-Jewish day school system at 15%. Y2i endeavours to increase the latter number exponentially over the next five to ten years so that 75% of ALL Year 10 students have this experience.

In 2016, penetration rates in the Jewish Day Schools will reach 89%, while in the non-Jewish day schools there is a 65% increase in the number of participants.  Overall the number of participants will go from 226 in 2015 to 278.

View the latest news

Keep up to date with news about the programs, its impact, the latest research on educational Israel trips and events for donors.

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How does your donation make an impact?

Each organisation running a Year 10 Israel Program will have the opportunity to apply for a $5000 voucher per participant as per Y2i guidelines.

Parents are still required to fund the balance of the program. If extenuating circumstances exist and additional funding is required for a participant, means tested options are available through the individual organisations.

Participants and their parents that do not require the $5000 voucher are encouraged to donate it back to their organisation to assist with additional funding for others.

It is envisaged that Y2i at maximum uptake will reach 375 students annually.

With this goal in mind our ultimate goal is focussed on raising a corpus of funds in the amount of $37.5 million, the largest fund-raising ever undertaken in the NSW Jewish community. In phase 1 of the appeal we are hoping to raise $15 million.  Donations are fully tax-deductible.


Why an endowment appeal?



An endowment appeal differs from a capital appeal. Rather than funding a building or reducing debt, an endowment appeal establishes a corpus to meet an ongoing significant need. The investment income then funds the works of the endowment.

The endowment created by Y2i will foster stability, continuity and generate healthier returns as it grows, allowing the community to act with greater clarity and responsibility in planning for the future.


Research shows Year 10 Israel programs is one of the most effective times to educate students and make a long term impact on Jewish continuity. Read the research on why the Year 10 programs are so critical to Jewish continuity.


How can you get involved?

If you would like to discuss a donation to Youth 2 Israel, please contact our office on 02 8353 1612.

Youth 2 Israel

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