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Why do these programs exist

Y2i affords students with a Jewish parent in Year 10 in NSW / ACT / QLD, the opportunity to experience a four to six week Israel program. Research undertaken in 2008 Gen08 Report and in 2013 through the Touch Points communal review under the auspices of the JCA, highlighted a significant relationship between development of a teenager’s Jewish identity and participation on an educational Israel program.

These programs are offered at a time of life when students are experiencing real personal growth, and while the educational system is still around them to offer support both before and after.

“There is no more impactful way to influence the formative development of Jewish identity than Y2i.”

Rabbi Benji Levy, Moriah College

Y2i grants $5,000 vouchers to Year 10 students from NSW/ACT/QLD with a Jewish parent to make participation in Israel programs affordable.  These Israel programs of five weeks duration or longer are a life-changing journey of Jewish identity.

How the funding works

Each program provider is able to offer (through Y2i) all Year 10 students in NSW / ACT / QLD with a Jewish parent a $5,000 voucher towards the experience, significantly reducing the cost of the program.  In addition each provider may provide additional funding to a participant on a means tested basis.  Participants who do not need any funding have the opportunity to donate the voucher back to their organisation to allow another participant (who may need additional funding) to experience the program.

‘There was one particular moment that hit us all which was when we sang Hatikvah …. This was one moment when even the people who didn’t know the words joined in.’

Daniella Karp, BJE

2017 IST Students Jewish Journey

Six months after Moriah College students from their 2017 Year 10 IST program to Israel, they look back on the impact it has made on their Judaism. The group were part of the largest ever contingent of students (330) from NSW to participate in an Israel program of five weeks or more. Check out the video.

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Israel surprises everyone

Israel surprises everyone who visits, whether you are a first time visitor or have been before. Students were interviewed during the program to give us some insights.

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2016 Programs Begin

All three 2016 Programs, Chavayah (Emanuel), Emet Israel (BJE) and IST (Moriah and Masada) have now arrived in Israel and made their way to the Kotel.

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“Each story whether told to us by our teachers or by a speaker, fitted in another new piece to the puzzle that was our knowledge of the land of Israel and its people.”

Ella Grinberg, BJE

What happens when they return / how do they continue their involvement

When students return they are encouraged to contribute to the community in some meaningful way.

There are many ways for students to be involved with the community upon their return. Each program provider continues to provide touch points and follow up experiences relating to Y2i.

One way Y2i is invoking students is through the Youth Leadership Board, which includes representatives from all the programs. They meet and arrange events both for the past and future participants. Read more about the current Board and planned activities.

“When people talk about Israel, they always talk about the feeling of feeling at home and you can’t understand this weird thought until you’ve experienced it for yourself.”

Jamie Mohay, Emanuel Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Y2i?

Y2i is Youth 2 Israel, an organisation supporting Israel experience programs for Year 10 participants on a life changing journey of Jewish identity, building continuity in our community.

Is Y2i a program provider or a fundraising organisation?

Y2i doesn’t conduct programs but provides vouchers for each student to participate on a school or community Year 10 Israel program.

What is the aim of Y2i?

The aim of Y2i is to support Israel experience programs through reducing the ticket price and thereby increase participant numbers, ultimately promoting Jewish Continuity.

Why specifically year 10 programs?

As per the findings of the 2013 Touch Points Review, the objective of Y2i is to facilitate High School Israel programs being positioned as the pinnacle of one’s high school Jewish education.

The Y2i Committee strongly believes that increased participation in Year 10 Israel programs will have a profound impact on shaping, building and ensuring a strong Jewish identity of our future community.  It envisages the endowment appeal as being a cornerstone community asset that will enable unobstructed financial access to a Year 10 Israel program by all members of the community.

This is backed up by research which suggests that participants of a year 10 program have a close connection to the Jewish Community and to Israel after attending a program.

Which organisations currently run an approved program?

The following organisations / schools operate programs which have been approved by Y2i; BJE, Emanuel School, Masada College, Moriah College

The voucher seems too good to be true, what’s the catch?

There is no catch when attending a Y2i program. Participants are under no obligation to Y2i for any future activities or financial obligations. It is the hope of the organisation that a trip of this nature will organically encourage participants to become more involved in the Jewish community when they return and to explore other aspects of Jewish life.

Who is eligible? If I have been to Israel before am I still eligible?

Any Year 10 student, with a parent who is Jewish and is from NSW, ACT or QLD is eligible (regardless of having previously been to Israel.)

What are the dates of the programs?

Each program has their own dates. Read more on our Schools & Organisations page.

How much is the voucher worth?

The voucher is worth $5,000.  It is  paid out to the organisation that is providing your trip, who then discounts the total price of the program.

How does the voucher system work?

Program providers submit each year’s list of participants to Y2i and Y2i provides a $5,000 voucher for each student.

What if I can afford to pay the trip myself?

Those who can afford the full cost of the program are encouraged to donate back the voucher to their program organisers. The money will then be used as additional subsidies for families which still can’t afford the already discounted price.

Can I choose the program I want to send my child on?

The Jewish Day schools run programs for their students and if they choose to go on an Israel program they are required to attend their school’s trip. Non-Jewish Day School students can participate in the NSW Board of Jewish Education program. Please see the Schools & Organisations page for more details.

Who is funding it?

Y2i is funded through the generosity of communal donors who are contributing to an endowment appeal.

What if I am not observant?

All Y2i funded programs cater for any Jewish student regardless of religious background. Keeping Kosher in Israel is the norm and Shabbat is generally a day of rest where shops are closed and people don’t travel. The programs all offer services for religious and non-religious students according to each student’s requirements.

What security measures are in place for the programs?

Each program has strict security measures run by the program providers in accordance with the Israeli Government’s policies. Furthermore the programs are in constant contact with the Australian Government regarding possible threats and security advice.

“Research shows Year 10 Israel programs is one of the most effective times to educate students and make a long term impact on Jewish continuity.” READ MORE


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