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Raelle Freinkel

Raelle Freinkel, our Y2I Manager is a passionate community advocate and active participant. She journeyed to Israel with BJE in 2014, upon receiving the first round of Y2i vouchers. Raelle graduated from Rose Bay Secondary College and has been involved with Hineni Youth and Welfare throughout High school and was a part of the Hineni shnat program in 2017.  Having intimate experience both outside and inside the Jewish community, Raelle has an understanding of the needs of the wider Jewish community and a driving passion to help all students discover Israel and Judaism.

“My experiences in Israel have made my Jewish and Zionistic identity concrete, which is somewhat difficult when you are not closely involved in the Jewish community. Due to this personal experience, I am completely invested in making sure as many Jewish students get to experience Israel and create their own Jewish identity. It is vital for the continuity of the Jewish community at home as well as the continuity of the Jewish story.”

Youth 2 Israel

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