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Moriah College The Year 10 Israel Study Tour (IST)



Moriah College is a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day school which focuses on providing the best quality education possible, while ensuring that students attain a well-rounded knowledge of their culture, history and religion by integrating Jewish Life and Learning into all aspects of study.

The Year 10 Israel Study Tour (IST) is one of the oldest running year 10 Israel programs in Australia. Last year participation numbers reached 70% of the cohort ensuring that IST became one of the largest Year 10 Israel programs in the world.

  • Information night:
  • Program date: 21 November 2018 – 3 0 December 2018
  • About the program:
    • IST is designed to build on and consolidate the Jewish learning and identity that students have developed in school, through its emphasis on authenticity, above and beyond just a school excursion. The program aims to foster a love and connection to the state of Israel, enhance the sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish people, develop a commitment to Torah values and engagement in Jewish life, and above all, to give students a hands-on fun and stimulating learning experience.

    • The participation of Jewish teens in an educational Israel experience has been proved to strengthen Jewish identity.

‘There is nothing more important to invest in than your own child, your own continuity, your own legacy…and this program provides this opportunity.’

Rabbi Benji Levy, Moriah College


‘There is no doubt that Israel encounters some serious challenges, but the contrast of our time in the Chulah Valley assures that there is this shining light always looking over us, sending us small signs to remind us that we are meant to be here. Today encapsulates the uniqueness of Israel and the Jewish people. Despite a difference in opinions or experiences, Israel is land that seems to effortlessly bridge the realm of contrast. Whilst close to her enemies, Israel emanates strength, whilst threatened frequently, life is coloured by a unique zest and whilst the people of the land may appear completely different, we are in fact fundamentally the same, united by the dream and knowledge that no matter what, Israel is our home.’

Keren Lax, Moriah College

Youth 2 Israel

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