The 2016 Programs saw 276 students participate from various schools around NSW.  The programs included the BJE Emet Israel program, the Emanuel Chavyah program and Masada and Moriah combining for IST.  The participants were from a variety of backgrounds.  No matter your religious upbringing or knowledge, the programs allow students to develop their sense of what is relevant and meaningful to them.

During the trip, we produced some videos we released on Facebook, with highlights from their experience.  Take a look at the faces, groups, activities and fun they had, all of the videos in one spot.

We are always looking for more students to join programs in coming years.  Register them from Year 6 onwards.  To qualify for a $5,000 voucher, they need to have at least one parent who is Jewish and live in NSW/ACT/QLD.  Share this with as many people as you can, as you will see it is an experience they should not miss.

The faces of the participants show how much they were loving their trip

How the journey began for the 2016 Year 10 students

The faces of the participants show how much they were loving their trip

All 276 students from every program came together for one special Y2i Community Day – here are some highlights.  Check our Facebook page for a recording of the ‘live’ streaming we did from the event

No matter when or where, you have to be ready for a group shot – this collection from the BJE Emet Israel program particpants

Group shots collection of Masada and Moriah students on the IST program

There is always time for singing and dancing – this from the Emanuel School students on the Chavayah program

These are some of the faces of participants on the BJE Emet Israel program, made up of students who don’t attend a Jewish Day School

Students come together to sing the anthem

Emanuel School Chavayah students joining in song

Drumming on the streets of Tel Aviv with the Emanuel School Chavayah program

Celebrating Chanukah in Israel is amazing – here is how it began for the BJE Emet Israel program participants

No matter which program you were on, there was always someone willing to show off their tongue for the camera.  Contributions here from Emet Israel, Chavayah and IST.