Akko Prison and Atlit DP camp

These are just some of the images of students learning in Israel.

A learning experience

While we watch the photos on Facebook of the 276 students from NSW/ACT/QLD currently in Israel enjoying themselves, it is important not to overlook the incredible learning experience they are having. We will share some of the amazing insights from students, as they become actively involved in activities every day.

Earlier this week, students from the Emanuel School, on the Chavayah Program visited Akko prison and the Atlit detainee camp. They heard about what it was like to be a refugee in Israel after the Holocaust, and how the underground Jewish fighters triumphed. Student, Liahm Simon offered his thoughts during the visit.

“The Jews were fighting for something that they believed was inherently their’s. Their home and the future of their children. It’s something that we as Australians in the present day cannot truly comprehend.”

Zac Lorge who is in the IST program, which includes students from both Moriah and Masada, talked about the opportunity they had to gain some religious knowledge.

“We learnt about the importance of the Shema and the reasoning behind when and how many times a day we must say it. After that, we were taught by the Rabbi of the Yeshiva himself about the first word in the Talmud. “Maimati” which means from when. The Rabbi then explained to us why the Talmud would begin with a question – from when? Without giving us an answer.”

Students on the BJE Emet Israel program were learning from teachers at the Alexander Muss High School while spending time at the Beit Hashomer.

All the Y2i approved programs are educational, and there is a vast array of opportunities from which to learn. The evidence is clear, the impact on the individual is so much greater when you are there to see and hear it first-hand.

Israel provides personalised learning opportunities and does not discriminate against any child no matter which school they attend, no matter their background or how much they know about Judaism. Rabbi Benji Levy from Moriah sums it up best, “Every single child can gain something from this incredible place. It allows them to tap into something special and from their Jewish identity.” Rabbi Benji Levy.

Help us find the next participants

Y2i wants to give all students the same opportunity to learn. All we ask of anyone reading this is, to pass a simple message on to anyone you know who is Jewish, register children from Year 4 to those about to start Year 10. There is no obligation, no cost, no strings attached. If each person can help register one more child, you will be making a real contribution to Jewish continuity.


You can follow the current student’s journey on our Facebook page.