16 12, 2016

A learning experience

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Israel provides personalised learning opportunities and does not discriminate against any child no matter which school they attend, no matter their background or how much they know about Judaism. We want to share some of the insights from students as they partipate in the 2016 programs with BJE - Emet Israel, Emanuel - Chavayah and Masada and Moriah - IST

1 11, 2016

Why Be Jewish?

2019-10-06T10:00:31+00:00November 1st, 2016|News, Participants|

"Why Be Jewish?" Is the theme behind a new video released by Youth 2 Israel. The video takes a closer look at this question and lets our youth give their perspective, featuring students from a variety of schools.

28 09, 2016

Jessica Inbari

2019-10-06T09:23:37+00:00September 28th, 2016|Participants|

“Zionism is a passion of mine and I believe that my experiences in Israel have not only shaped my beliefs but have inspired me to get actively involved in the community at home in order to ensure that every young adult is afforded the opportunity to go to Israel. Y2i enables young people to connect with their Jewish and Zionistic identities, helping shape the future leaders of our community.”

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25 07, 2016

Jodi Ginsberg

2019-10-06T09:18:55+00:00July 25th, 2016|Participants|

“These programs are a life changing experience that invigorates and inspires participants and their families. Students return to their community willing to be involved, make an impact, and ultimately ensuring that the Jewish Community is in a stronger position than ever before.”

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25 07, 2016

Rachel Swartz

2019-06-26T12:50:32+00:00July 25th, 2016|Participants|

“Israel has always played a pivotal role in shaping my Jewish Identity. I was an active member of Habonim Dror and participated in their 12 month shnat program after school. My emotional connection and love for Israel grew through my time spent there. Y2i will shape a stronger and more committed community, as we enrich the Jewish and Zionistic lives of our young people. With two young children of my own, I can't wait for them to experience Israel, and continue their journey of Jewish connections.”

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5 02, 2016

Group Day 2015 – the video

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All the students from the various schools and different programs came together in Israel for a Community Day sponsored by UIA NSW. A beautiful video has been produced capturing the students and the way they embraced the day, making new friends and building a sense of teamwork. Click on the read more link to view the video.

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