Danny Goldberg is Chair of Jewish Communal Planning and a Vice President of JCA. He has a commerce and law degree from UNSW and is the Executive Chairman and Principal of Dakota Corporation – a global investor in hedge funds, private equity and real estate.

Danny joined JCA’s Allocations Committee in 2007 and chaired it in 2010 when he also served on JCA’s Executive. A respected member of the Planning Committee on which he has served for the past six years before taking up the position as Chair, he spearheaded the Touch Points Review from 2011-2013, laying the groundwork for future engagement of the next generation of our community.

“Extensive research, conducted both in Australia and internationally, has confirmed that youth participation in organised trips to Israel, is a key driver of continuity. What surprised me about the research is that the trips have a greater impact firstly, where the participants are in year 10 rather than after the completion of high school and secondly, where the vast majority of their cohort attend.
As a consequence, the Y2i is a critical element in ensuring our community not only survives but importantly thrives in the decades to come.”