Youth 2 Israel exists because of the generosity of donors who have made the subsidy possible. With Year 10 Israel programs now more affordable for families, there has been significant growth in the number of participants annually.

Through our Donors, Y2i has been able to establish an Assistance Fund offering additional means-tested assistance, for students outside of Jewish day schools.

Our Donors understand that exposing as many students as possible to an educational experience in Israel is critical for the continuity of our Jewish community. It strengthens and invigorates our community, and ensures young people understand they are part of a strong, vibrant community. Partnering with Youth 2 Israel is an investment in the future of the local Jewish community.


Why We Need Your Support?

Jeremy Dunkel, Y2i Board Chair, explains the success of the voucher system and the role it plays in Jewish continuity locally.


Annual Report

You can view more information tracking the numbers of participants, Y2i activities and financial information.

Our Success

Y2i’s goal of creating affordable Israel programs has seen a significant uptake in the use of the vouchers, with over 1000 students having participated in Y2i approved programs since 2015.

“Visiting Israel in Year 10 was a truly inspiring and transformative experience which provided the spring board for my choice to take a Shnat Year. At the forefront of this decision lay the excitement, curiosity and thirst for personal growth which for me was so vividly communicated whilst in grade ten, together with the desire to explore the Jewish homeland”

Jared – Moriah IST