As we entered our seventh day in Israel we were all still buzzing with excitement as we have been filled with so much wisdom and joy. We began our journey to the kibbutz of Miscav Am located at the most Northern point of Israel, the closest point to the Lebanese border. Of course the usual bus rituals took place, beginning with sock in your face (which is exactly as it sounds …), some Australian, Israeli and worldwide news to keep us up to date and an explanation of the day from Jonty, where he always manages to amaze us by turning something that seems bland and ordinary into something amazing.

We drove past the everlasting mountains, along the very winded road and Jonty pointed out the Lebanese border. It was the weirdest concept that we were driving safely in Israel, and only just down the hill, separated by what seemed like just a little wire lived people with a completely different culture and world. Over our Shabbat in Tzfat we experienced the beauty, happiness and spirituality that shines within Israel and we forgot all about the challenges that it encounters every day.