Frequently Asked Questions

Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) is an organisation supporting Israel experience programs for Year 10 participants on a life changing journey of Jewish identity, building continuity in our community.

Y2i does not conduct any programs. Instead we provide a $5,000 voucher to each Year 10 student participating in an approved Israel program.

The aim of Y2i is to support approved Israel experience programs by providing $5,000 vouchers to reduce the overall cost of programs for families. Making these Israel experiences affordable will allow more students to participate, ultimately promoting Jewish continuity.

International research shows that participants of a Year 10 Israel program have a closer connection to the Jewish Community and to Israel after participating in a program.

Rising out of findings from the Gen08 survey, together with recommendations from 2013 Touch Points Review, Y2i was established. Y2i’s objective is to position and facilitate high school Israel programs as the pinnacle of one’s high school Jewish education.

The Y2i Committee strongly believes that increased participation in Year 10 Israel programs will have a profound impact on shaping, building and ensuring a strong Jewish identity of our future community.

Y2i wants to make Israel programs more affordable. The more students who participate, the greater the impact will be on Jewish continuity. Students return with a deeper understanding of their heritage and of Israel as well as a desire to be involved in their community.

The following organisations and schools operate programs which have been approved by Y2i; Board of Jewish Education (BJE), Emanuel School, Masada College, Moriah College, and Kesser Torah College.

Programs usually take place in Term 4 of the school year. Contact your school or organisation directly for the specific dates.

Students attending Jewish Day schools are only eligible to participate in their schools’ Israel program. NSW, ACT and QLD students not at a Jewish Day School are eligible to participate in the NSW Board of Jewish Education’s (BJE) program. Please see the Schools & Organisations page for more details.

All Y2i funded programs cater for every Jewish student regardless of their religious background. The programs all offer services for religious (including Kosher food) and non-religious students according to each student’s requirements.

Each program adheres to strict security measures and protocol, in accordance with the Israeli Government’s policies and intelligence. Every program is accompanied by multiple security guards for all outings. Furthermore, the programs are in constant contact with the Australian Government regarding possible threats and security advice.

The voucher enables eligible Year 10 students to receive $5,000 toward the cost of a Y2i approved Israel program of five weeks or longer.

Y2i vouchers are available to any Year 10 student in NSW, ACT and QLD, with at least one Jewish parent, regardless of having been to Israel previously.

The voucher is worth $5,000 and is paid to the organisation that is providing your trip. Once you are accepted onto a program, you will automatically receive a $5,000 reduction in the program’s cost.

No, you are not obliged to pay the voucher back. The voucher is a gift from the community.

Program providers submit each year’s list of eligible participants to Y2i. We then provide them with a $5,000 voucher for each student who participates.

There is no catch. The Jewish community, through Y2i, believes it is important for every Jewish child to discover more about their Jewish heritage and experience the history and culture of Israel.

Participants are under no obligation to Y2i for any future activities or financial obligations. It is our hope that a trip of this nature will organically encourage participants to become more involved in the Jewish community, and to explore other aspects of Jewish life.

The Jewish Day Schools have their own mechanisms for providing additional means-tested funding if required. For those students who attend non-Jewish day schools, Y2i has established the Y2i Assistance Fund. Families, who cannot afford some, or all of the remaining costs of the program, can apply for further means tested support.

Those who can afford the full cost of the program are encouraged to donate part or all of their voucher to their program organisers. The money will then be used toward additional means tested subsidies for families who need further financial assistance beyond the initial $5,000 voucher. By returning part or all of the voucher, you are assisting families who are less fortunate and need additional support.

International research shows, Israel based educational experiences have a significant long term impact on Jewish continuity, students return with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their Jewish heritage and of Israel and are more likely to maintain a Jewish identity.

Y2i is supported through the generosity of communal donors who have contributed to the Y2i Endowment Fund.