Friendships forever

It’s a bold statement to suggest you will make friendships that last forever when you participate in an Israel program, but it is something which students regularly say upon their return, and which past participants continue to attest to.

Masada, Moriah and Emanuel participants often speak about how their friendships both grow and change. New bonds form as students take the opportunity to spend time with a larger variety of students across their year.

Students on the who participate in the BJE Emet Israel have the unique opportunity to meet and form friendships from a wide variety of schools from across NSW, Queensland and the ACT. Even those students who come from the same school, welcome the opportunity to broaden their friendship circles or cement current friendships.

Year 10 Israel programs provide an opportunity to extend friendships across school boundaries. This is most keenly seen when Y2i brings all year 10 Israel participants together for a Community Day filled with activities. It’s a chance to meet new people, and reconnect with those they already know. Israel, through their common and shared experiences, allows friendships across schools to grow. It also provides a feeling of belonging to a community of shared interests and values.

On their return, students from different schools regularly tell Y2i, when they see a fellow participant, they share a sense of joy. Some talk about spontaneously breaking into song and dance. Students regularly catch up after their trip, and this is a testament to the strength of the friendships formed beyond the program. For those who have been on a Year 10 program to Israel, “these friendships are forever.”

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