group shotHave you ever wanted to be 1 of 300 Australians to spend the day in the middle of the desert in Israel? Well today was that day!

The day started bright and early at 6:30am, where we all got ready for the 3 hour long bus ride ahead of us, where not only us, but Emanuel, Moriah and Masada would be spending the day together. All of us were divided into different colour groups, the aim of this was so we could meet other people from the different schools.

Shortly after we arrived we had time for a quick meet and greet to get to know the people we would be spending the day with. Soon after that, we started the activities which consisted of: cycling, a tour of the solar park, team building games, volunteering and then a talk about what Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) does.

​During the team building activities the people from the ‘yellow group’ decided to race Emanuel, Moriah/Masada on ski planks. It was an awesome moment for us when we beat them not only once, BUT twice!

At the end of the afternoon we all met up for a Chanukah candle lighting and a group photo. Might I add that the our group was the ONLY group that got up, started singing and dancing along to the sound of the Rabbi’s guitar. This showed all of us that in a small amount of time, how close we our BJE family has become!

Soon after this, we devoured some delicious jam donuts which helped restore our energy!

We then headed out to a shopping center in Be’er Sheva for DOTS, which for me consisted of a plate filled with falafel and salad!! At the time of me writing this its 8:47pm we are all on the bus, ready for the journey back to campus. Today was an awesome day where friends were reunited and new friendships were formed.

​We’re all exhausted but we all can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

Lauren Freed, BJE