Masada College

About the program:

IST is designed to build on and consolidate the Jewish learning and identity that students have developed in school, through its emphasis on authenticity, above and beyond just a school excursion. The program aims to foster a love and connection to the state of Israel, enhance the sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish people, develop a commitment to Torah values and engagement in Jewish life, and above all, to give students a hands-on fun and stimulating learning experience. The participation of Jewish teens in an educational Israel experience has been proved to strengthen Jewish identity.

The 6-week program is designed to strengthen our students’ connection to Israel’s history, society, culture and geography. The length of the program provides the opportunity of truly experiencing living in our national homeland. The tour begins with 1 week in Israel, giving students an overview of Modern Day Israel and its diversity, followed by a week in Poland, then another 4 weeks in Israel, working chronologically through Israel’s history from biblical times to today.


“Masada College is a Jewish Day school in the North Shore of Sydney which focuses on the vision that its graduates leave with a strong sense of community and responsibility and a strong understanding of their Australian and Jewish heritage.”