Our Success

Y2i’s goal of creating affordable Israel programs has seen a significant uptake in the use of the grants, with over 1300 students having participated in Y2i approved programs since 2015.

Each year the number of students participating in an Israel program continues to grow, particularly those coming from non-Jewish Day Schools.

To illustrate this, in 2013, 91 Moriah and Masada Year 10 students participated in IST. 26 students from outside the Jewish day schools also participated in the NSW Board of Jewish Education’s (BJE) Israel program.

In 2014, to test the assumption that cost is a significant barrier to greater adoption, a donor family committed to making $500,000 available through Y2i to provide 100 non-means tested grants of $5,000 for any prospective applicant. This resulted in a 50% participation increase from the preceding year, including the creation of the Emanuel School’s Chavayah program, which sent 26 students.

Following the success of the 2014 pilot, Y2i was launched in 2015 with $5,000 grants made universally available to every Year 10 student in NSW,  ACT and QLD. This saw overall program participation increase to 226 students. In 2017, Kesser Torah College launched its bi-annual Israel program, bringing the total number of Israel programs currently approved by Y2i, to five.

Each year the number of students participating in Year 10 Israel Programs continues to rise. While the participation rate in the Jewish Day Schools is very high, increasing the non-Jewish Day School student participation in the BJE Israel Program, remains a high priority for Y2i.


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Masada College 7 15 36 40 32 15 43 43
Moriah College 85 90 102 118 128 133 121 114
Emanuel School 0 26 56 75 70 48 75 73
BJE 26 25 32 43 66 56 74 73
Kesser Torah College 0 0 0 0 37 0 16 17
Total 118 156 226 276 333 252 329 320

A truly communal Initiative

Y2i has the support of, and representation from, the five major NSW communal organisations – the JCA, UIA, JNF, Executive Council of Australian Jewry, and Jewish Board of Deputies (NSW). By coming together, we are able to collectively address one of the biggest issues facing our community – Jewish continuity.

“I have returned from the Chavayah program, as a young and proud Jew who feels confidently educated to make intelligent and mature decisions in relation to Israel.”

Asha – Emanuel Chavayah, 2018