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After an early wake up at 7.30, we met the children for breakfast at Emunah children’s home, a safe haven for children at risk, where we were able to develop closer and stronger connections and relationships. After breakfast, all of the children went off to school, which gave us time to decorate their Cheder Ochel for Chanukah.

It brought us joy just knowing how happy our decorations would make the children, and how grateful they would be for all our hard work. As soon as the children came back from school and walked past the dining room their faces just lit up and we were surrounded by uncontrollable and contagious smiling.

Their smiles warmed our hearts and we joined them for lunch and activities where closer bonds were developed. After some time with the children we walked down to the shops and had our daily Aroma coffees, but also passed a toy shop where we bought beads and string to make friendship bracelets for the little girls.

 We sat in a circle with some of the children making bracelets for each other, painting each other’s nails and making cheesecakes. We were able to get to know many of them but also make them laugh and smile at the same time.

We danced and sang together and could feel the happiness and warmth we were bringing them. Before dinner we went to their shul to light the Channukiah and it was so beautiful seeing all the children in awe of the burning lights. We sang some songs for Channukah, prayed and then were all given delicious doughnuts and followed the little girls to dinner where we all sat together and taught each other English and Hebrew songs. They then performed for us their dance for the showcase tomorrow night and we taught them the Casper slide.

The moment I will always remember was when we each took one of the girls, went up to their rooms and tucked them into their beds to say goodnight. It was so special debriefing with them on a more personal level and getting to read them bed time stories and say goodnight.

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