Where 2 Next? 17-25’s

Encouraging students to become involved in the community, and re-engaging students upon returning, is important to Y2i, and complements and extends the experiences of participants.

Y2i actively encourages schools and organisations to increase both the educational and experiential opportunities available to students, on their return.

The Jewish community provides many opportunities for involvement in volunteering and Israel programs beyond Year 10. Y2i strongly believes in the importance of staying involved in the community post Israel and school. This strengthens our community and encourages individuals to continue their personal Jewish journey.

There are many important and worthwhile Post High School Israel and volunteering options, and we encourage participants to consider getting involved.

Youth Movements

An incredible way to stay involved post program is through the Youth Movements.


Explore the many areas where you can volunteer within our community.

Post High School Programs

The Year 10 Israel experience is just the start of your Israel journey. Explore post high school Israel programs.

“A key measure of the success of the Year 10 Israel programs is whether students remain connected to the Jewish community. Volunteering within their local Jewish community and returning to Israel when they finish school is of enormous importance to Y2i. We greatly encourage all Jewish Youth in NSW, ACT and QLD to engage in the wide range of volunteering options available and embark on a Gap Year to Israel.”

Y2i – Jeremy Dunkel, Board Chair