Y2i Day

Y2i Day

An annual highlight for our Israel program participants is the Y2i Community Day. Thanks to the generous support of Keren Hayesod – UIA and the JNF, all program participants, teachers and madrichim, come together and celebrate being in Israel as representatives of the active youth within the Sydney Jewish community.

Y2i Day provides a range of social opportunities, education and fun, whilst showcasing to participants the community they belong to at home. The diverse range of students at the event reminds participants that there are like-minded people who have shared this experience, and that it can continue beyond Israel.

The day also includes a mixture of activities that highlights different cultural aspects of Israel. These include krav maga, humus making, flower crown braiding, yoga and graffiti. Alongside these activities, the Masa Gap Year Fair is a fun and interactive segment displaying Masa gap year (post high school) options. This is the perfect opportunity to begin discussion about coming back to Israel and continuing the journey participants have begun.

This day has become an annual tradition and is a highlight for many students. It is the perfect opportunity to meet new, like-minded people. Students experience a sense of unity and communal pride, becoming inspired to return to Australia and get involved in our thriving Jewish community.

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